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Isuzu Dmax Roof Racks

Introducing the Offroad Animal's range of Isuzu Dmax roof racks. Features

Hey there, fellow adventurers! Had enough of those roaring roof racks that mess up your Isuzu Dmax's vibe and sound like a banshee on wheels? Don't worry, friends!

These slick roof racks not only turn your Dmax into a showstopper but are also silent as ninjas in the night. Say bye-bye to the noise and hello to the jealous stares from your buddies (and a happy Mrs, too). Snag your Isuzu Dmax roof rack now and let the good times roll!

What makes Offroad Animal's Isuzu Dmax roof racks so awesome?

Stealthy and practically invisible, our Isuzu Dmax roof racks redefine quiet. Crafted from lightweight aluminium, they're a piece of cake to handle. Their versatility knows no bounds, thanks to T-Slot slats compatible with standard M8 hardware. Not just practical, they flaunt a sleek design that outshines the rest. Assembling these roof racks is a walk in the park, and their low profile enhances wind resistance, ensuring your rides are smooth and effortless. Get ready to make your ride the talk of the town!

Key Features

  • Stealthy Silence: Practically invisible and silent, ensuring serene rides
  • Lightweight Wonder: Crafted from lightweight aluminium, they're a breeze to handle
  • Versatile Marvels: Featuring T-Slot slats compatible with standard M8 hardware, they're incredibly versatile
  • Sleek Design: Stylish and practical, making your Dmax stand out in the market
  • Easy-Peasy Assembly: Putting them together is a piece of cake
  • Aerodynamic Advantage: Their low profile enhances wind resistance for effortless drives
  • Optional Awesomeness: Add an optional wind deflector for an extra touch of style

Installing these roof racks on your Isuzu Dmax is a breeze. Just click the fitting tab to download the instructions.

And guess what? Shipping is covered for Metro Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Hobart. If you're outside these areas, hit us up for a shipping quote, and we'll ensure these beauties reach your doorstep, no matter where you are! Adventure awaits, friends! Read Less