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Ford Ranger Roof Racks

Introducing the Offroad Animal's Range of Roof Racks for Ford Ranger. Features

Every 4x4 enthusiast knows that the right equipment can make or break an off-road adventure. Your Ford Ranger deserves the best, and Offroad Animal delivers with its next-generation of Ford Ranger roof racks. Designed specifically for the Ford Ranger, this roof rack is the epitome of form meeting function.

Why Choose the Offroad Animal Racks for Ford Ranger?

  1. Stylish and Silent: The sleek design of the Scout Rack is a head-turner, ensuring your Ford Ranger stands out in a crowd. What's more, it's super quiet design means no more annoying wind noise during your drives.
  2. Lightweight Yet Durable: Crafted from lightweight aluminium, this roof rack is not only easy to assemble but offers a low profile for enhanced wind resistance. Despite it's weight, it is robust enough to support substantial loads.
  3. Versatility at its Best: With T-Slot slats compatible with standard M8 nuts and bolts, this rack is a dream for those who love customisation. Its compatibility with many aftermarket accessories means you can tailor it to your needs.
  4. Illuminate Your Adventures: The optional wind deflector isn't just for aerodynamics; it can hold a 42" LED light bar, lighting up your path during night-time excursions.
  5. Safety and Load Capacity: Safety is paramount, and the Scout Rack doesn't disappoint. It's rated to bear 95kg while on the move and a whopping 190kg when stationary.
  6. Hassle-Free Installation: Say goodbye to drills and complicated setups. This rack is designed for a seamless installation without any drilling into your vehicle's roof.

Key Features of our Frod Ranger Roof Racks

  • Supplied with five T-slot aluminium rails for easy installation.
  • Compatibility with a plethora of aftermarket accessories.
  • An optional wind deflector that integrates a 42" light bar.
  • A chic powder-coated matte black finish.
  • A total weight of just 15kg, with an off-road rating of 63kg. After accounting for the rack's weight, you're left with a generous 48kg capacity for your gear.
  • The option to fit a single or double row light bar up to 42".

Order Your Ford Ranger Roof Rack From Offroad Animal Today

Offroad Animal's Scout Rack for Ford Ranger is more than just a roof rack; it's a statement of style, versatility, and durability. Whether you're planning a weekend getaway or a long off-road adventure, this rack ensures you do it with flair and function. So why wait? Upgrade your Ford Ranger with the Offroad Animal Scout Rack and be the talk of the town (and trail). Read Less