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Bull bars & accessories that look great and will give your Volkswagen Amarok a super aggressive look. FAQ's

Can I Fit An Offroad Animal Bull Bar To My Volkswagen Amarok?

Absolutely! An Offroad Animal bull bar can be seamlessly fitted to your Volkswagen Amarok. There's a plethora of sizes and styles available, but what sets Offroad Animal bull bars apart is their precision engineering tailored for your Amarok. Our Amarok bull bars are designed to replace the front bumper without the need for any bumper cuts. Not only are they stronger and lighter than most alternatives, but they also offer a more aesthetic appeal. They might be a tad pricier than some other brands, but the superior look, features, and customization options – including our LED light-bars & accessories – make it worth it. Always ensure you pick a bull bar made from top-grade materials, like those at Offroad Animal, for a perfect fit on your Amarok.

Are Volkswagen Amarok Bull Bars Winch Compatible?

Certainly! Our Offroad Animal Volkswagen Amarok bull bars are winch-ready straight from the packaging. The design ensures easy fitting, and the best part is that you can fit the winch even after the bar has been installed – this is especially handy for regular upkeep. Moreover, the winch mounts are designed in the 'feet down' style, just as most winches are originally designed, simplifying the process.

How Much Does A Volkswagen Amarok Bull Bar Cost?

The cost for a Volkswagen Amarok bull bar can vary based on size, design, and the materials involved. Offroad Animal bull bars might have a slightly higher price tag than some other Amarok bull bars, but they represent the pinnacle in quality. Engineered as a comprehensive bumper replacement, our bull bars boast superior features, top-notch welds, exceptional corrosion resistance, and unparalleled protection, all while looking spectacular. It's always wise to opt for a bull bar crafted from the best materials.

Where Can I Get An Offroad Animal Bull Bar Fitted To My Volkswagen Amarok?

For those in Australia seeking to equip their Amarok with an Offroad Animal bull bar, there's a wide network of stockists and workshops to explore. Check out our website and head to our 'Where to Buy' section to locate the nearest one.

If you've found your preferred stockist or workshop, a quick phone call will set up your fitting appointment. For the DIY enthusiasts, rest assured, every Amarok bull bar from Offroad Animal includes a comprehensive fitting guide.

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