LC300 Landcruiser Roof Rack Video Offroad Animal

LC300 Landcruiser Roof Rack Video Offroad Animal

18th Sep 2023

Video Transcript

0:00 Check out my new OffRoad Animal roof rack for my 300 series Land Cruiser

0:06 This is a full-length roof rack, great for mounting awnings, recovery tracks, fuel tanks, and anything else you want up here. 

0:12 It's a low-profile design for better wind resistance and only adds 60 millimeters to the total height of the vehicle. 

0:18 There's an optional wind deflector that can hold a 42-inch light bar. Plus, there's no noise in the cab from this roof rack at all. 

0:25 It's lightweight and elegantly designed, making it easy to assemble. Stop settling for roof racks that don't look right on your rig. 

0:30 Pick up an Off-Road Animal Scout rack and be the envy of all your mates. To find your closest Off-Road 0:36 Animal stockist, visit