Reseller Corrective Notice

Corrective Notice

Offroad Animal Pty Ltd


We want to let you know about things that we have done that are not allowed under Australia’s competition laws. Between September 2020 and June 2023, we informed resellers of Offroad Animal’s products not to advertise our products below the recommended retail price (RRP) through emails and/or verbally.


These actions are known as resale price maintenance, which is prohibited under Australia’s competition laws. It is illegal for suppliers to impose minimum prices for the resale of their goods or services.


We want to notify you that:


  • resellers are free to set their own prices for goods supplied to them by Offroad Animal;


  • resellers do not have to comply with our recommended retail prices; and


  • the ACCC has recently accepted an agreement from us to not set minimum retail prices again, see [insert link to s87B Undertaking per the ACCC’s public register].


For more information about setting minimum resale prices and competition law, see:


If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact Offroad Animal.